When I think of stepping out of our comfort zones, I think of Karyn Ulriksen.  I spoke with Karyn to learn more about how she got to where she is now.  What took her from cubicle living to buying a sailboat, taking her business mobile and preparing to become a “digital nomad”?  That’s more than a big step.  It’s a big leap out of the comfort zone and into the unknown zone!

“What Is Going On with My Life?”

Like many of us women, this is the question Karyn asked herself almost two years ago. What is happening to me and my life?  She’d just ended a long term relationship that tested everything she is.  In her own words “The kind of relationship that tested your will to become involved with anyone again.”  But it is what she asked herself next that shows Karyn’s strength and will to get to a stronger place.

“How do I become a better, stronger person without whining, without becoming a victim.”  

How did she do this? She remembered her interests and what she loved to do. She ‘got out there’. “If you want to meet people with like interests, you have to go out and do your interests.”  Karyn found an ultra light club and learned to fly.  She found a sailing group and started sailing on the weekends.  She met new people.  Went from introverted to liberated. A single mom, sole provider women who had been mostly lonely her whole life, Karyn found herself with more real friends than ever before. Then when life presented the opportunity…. Karyn said ‘yes’.

“I Don’t Need Easy, I Just Need Possible”

One simple three letter word – YES.  The opportunity came to buy a 36′ sloop.  Karyn did the math, found she could downsize, drop some monthly bills and make this happen.  So she said ‘yes’, packed up, sold her stuff and moved herself and her beagle to her new sailboat.   All this while learning the company she works for as a network engineer was selling. Rather than wallow, she got busy!  Started her own business, took on the responsibility of boat ownership, became a minimalist and started taking Ham radio classes! 
There is something called the momentum of opportunity.   Karyn has recently been given the opportunity to crew on a boat and sail around the world!  “The years of cubicle existence has gifted me with a wealth of resourceful skills that will serve me well in bringing other telecommuting nomads and skilled professionals together in a cooperative community.”
I really wanted to talk to Karyn after this comment in the Badass Chicks Facebook page:
“Fixing the coolant lines for the diesel engine on my sailboat. They blew out last time I took it out and there is this @#$@%#$ hose clamp from hell that has been challenging me”.
I thought who is this women who lives on her sailboat and fixes the coolant lines?  She is a women who found out “fear is a liar.”  A woman who got out there and made things happen. A women who stepped out of her comfort zone as mom, provider, employee and said ‘Yes’.  A women who is now inspiring other women to “step out of the background of your life.”

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