It’s crazy how we look at ourselves. We women don’t see ourselves as strong, as resilient, as badass as we really are.  Like most of the women I have spoken to, I did not consider myself a badass. I was an employee,  a wife, a stay at home mom, a daughter, a sister, an entrepreneur.  But never a BADASS.  I have since realized how untrue that statement is.  I have earned my Badass Badge.

I started working at age 12, bought my first used car at 18.  Paid my own way though college. Married at 27, two kids later became a stay at home mom.  I went back to work years later and tried to figure who I was without my children at home any more. Through it all I have lost two children, my father and, most recently, my younger sister to terminal cancer.  At 57 I am still a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister.  I am also working full time, an entrepreneur and have a successful network marketing business.  AND I AM A BADASS CHICK.

I would have to say I come from a badass chick family. My 90 year old mother is a true Badass Chick, although she would not like me using the word “Badass”!  My mom “didn’t have time for postpartum”.  “Didn’t have time for menopause”  She lives in her own home, did home dialysis for my father, mows her lawn before my brothers can get there, pushes people in their wheelchairs to lunch at the local nursing home, drives herself to church most mornings.  She lost her husband and her daughter, my sister. It would be very easy for her to not get up, not get dressed, not to go out.  My 90 year old mother has more than earned her Badass Badge. My older sister is an Ovarian Cancer survivor, an author and one Badass Chick.   My youngest sister Katie…well she is not old enough to be a Bad Ass Chick…yet!

I mentioned above I have two children and I’ve lost two children.  Now I believe any women who has kids has automatically earned their Badass Badge. You’ve been through the sleepless nights, the hospital runs, the toddler crazies, the peeing in your bed.  You’ve made it through the middle school OMG where’s their brain at and what were they thinking.  High School driving, I’m 16 and I’m an adult, dating, are they having sex yet and drinking conversations.  College prep?  You survived even though you didn’t think you would and thank God they moved out because we were all so ready… no not really.  You made it through not hearing from them, the phone call at 2a.m. because they won an Ipad but you thought something happened yet they are calling on their phone so they must be okay, right?  Thank you for that because now I sleep with my phone.  You also survived the Mom, I moving to China and I’ve met someone and how the heck are we going to meet him if you’re living in China.  Then you realize you are raising a Badass!!!

The moment you realize you have earned your Badass Badge is when you acknowledge what you’ve gone though, challenges overcome, accomplishments, goals reached, goals not achieved, the hard earned wear on the tires. The little things tend not to bother us because we truly realize what are “little things”.  It has taken me sometime to get to this point but here I am!

This is your encore!  We are older, yes.  Wiser, most definitely.  Better and stronger than ever.  Knowledge is Badass.  I am a Badass Chick!

You are a Badass Chick! 
Together we have a Badass Chick communnity!