3 Ways We Define Ourselves

  • What We Have?
  • What We Do?
  • Essence – Who We Are? – Powerful – Phoenix
When these things are challenged, it creates a crisis.  The journey for me is the ability to not be defined by 1 and 2 but instead who I am, who I will become. It’s a journey and still a journey.

Becoming Who We Can Be Is Badass!

That’s the journey. Finding the Badass Chick inside each and every one of us.

We Badass Chicks Have;

  • A little wear on the tires
  • Live life
  • Are compassionate and caring
  • Have learned to say what we mean
  • Reinventing ourselves
  • Have learned when to say no
  • Learned when to say yes
  • Have a good heart
  • Love to love
  • Strong when necessary, soft when needed
  • Seen through adversity
  • See the strength in others when they cannot
  • Forgave ourselves
  • Forgiven others
  • Believe in ourselves
  • Believe in others
  • Know what we want
  • Know what we don’t want
  • Always learning and growing
  • Afraid but will do it anyway
  • Open minded
  • Laugh often
  • Have faith
  • Overcoming when feeling defeated
  • Doing what is right for self rather than status quo

I love this quote from one of my business partners, Susan Bartz Herrick

“Who we are is not about what we have, what we do, what we weigh, how we look.  These may be important to us and for our health.  But when all the trappings fail, what’s left?  That’s when you find the bad ass warrior inside.   No one’s tombstone will say she died a size 2.  It will say I met you and she changed my life.”